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Monday, 10 January 2011

Sudan Referendum Update

Despite both Presidents Kiir and Bashir asking their people to conduct the referendum in peace, there has been violence with lives lost.  Is there any way to get peace without such conflict? Does freedom always come with a violent struggle?  This mars the momentous occasion taking place. This is so unfortunate as you know that is all the media will concentrate on, another conflict to talk about in Africa continuing the "if it bleeds, it leads" journalistic trope that plagues our continent particularly.

Here is a video from AFP  including comments from George Clooney and Koffi Annan that shows just how important and historic this moment is.  I love the woman who is so excited and is convinced she is "going have her [own] country." And the dude who had been waiting since 2am really epitomises the gravity and urgency of the situation.

I hope that by January 15 everyone will have gotten to vote and Sudan can keep forging towards a better future.


  1. Amazing clip, one can just sense the excitement expressed by the voters. Prayers that a positive outcome will be reached without too many clashes and no more smug journalism on predictable african violence

  2. I love that "smug journalism", I may have to steal that from you ;}. I am happy to blog about positive news regarding the referendum today. I hope that Sudan is able to use this opportunity to show the world how Africans can solve problems not create more.