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Friday, 28 May 2010

Summer Movies: Sex And The City 2 And Iron Man

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Sex and the City 2, all for free with Moet and popcorn gratis to boot he he he ;}.

It was interesting to see the girls evolving.  All I can say is that if you expect Sex or the wonderful city of New York then don't go see the movie coz there literally isn't much of either to the chagrin of this particular writer. However, I enjoyed it, because these women are not what they were when the series started in 1998 but the essence of the characters is alive and well, which is how it should be. Carrie scracks her silly pun jokes and is still a little bit ridiculous, Miranda is still defined by her job and making sure that everything runs smoothly, Charlotte still has her prissy, traditional and sometimes naive but endearing ways and Samantha is ever-chasing the fountain of youth proverbially and literally, as well as you know what.  A lot of the people I was watching with were a little shocked that the film tackled serious issues like motherhood, cheating and balancing femininity with independent individuality.  I thought Sex and the City has progressed to discuss the issues of marriage in the same way that it tackled sex for the single girl.  However, some were not having it.  They wanted to see their beloved characters on screen live the life they can't have or don't have the balls to have, kind of like the fan Carrie meets at the beginning of the movie.  

Interestingly enough, most of the movie was in Abu Dhabi, which I think was relevant and was a great way to discuss gender roles and also misconceptions about the Middle East and their women.  Also it talked about respect for other's cultures ,which I liked too.  Another unexpected thing was how representative the demographics were.  I have never been to Abu Dhabi but I have been to Dubai and know that there is an African presence about and was surprised to see that we were there in the background, of course in African garb to make sure that the audience knew we were there ha ha ha.  Funny though how they had only black people donning South African rugby shirts at the hotel that was hosting the players for the Rugby World Cup trials...I know they wanted to contrast them with the Aussies but really Rugby is dominated by Afrikaaners and they are Africans too! Then in the Karaoke scene they had Nigerians MC the whole thing, in a very stereotypical way, but what can you do.  

All in all I enjoyed STC2, the champers may have helped ;), but it does not hold a candle to Iron Man 2, which leads my Summer Blockbuster list so far.

Also a sequel but unlike STC2, which was good, but not as good as the first, Iron Man has moved from strength to strength.  It has not disappointed like say the way the Matrix 2 did - that movie was made clearly as part one of the next installment which ended up being even worse.  Iron Man 2 had a full story as well as great set up for The Avengers movie as well as for a third.  I heart Robert Downey Jr and as Tony Stark he's still hot, intelligent and flawed in the movie, what more can you ask for ;}.  Don Cheadle made it seem like he was in the first. And I do have to say Scarlett Johansson was hot too.  I was quite taken aback about how mesmerising she was on screen.  And she did this move involving a split on her part and pain to an unfortunate guys nether-regions that was quite impressive ha ha ha!  Critics were clearly wrong about this one.  It's summer fun, what more can you ask for?! :)

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