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- Simon Kapwepwe, Zambian Independence Freedom Fighter

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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Tennis, Tennis And More Tennis :)

Nadal and Serena are through to the third round and Venus, Federer and Tsonga to the fourth! :)

Nadal played another solid game with moments of flair but it is clear he has not calmed those nerves yet. I am waiting to see him lasso his opponents into submission  with his forehand as he did in 2007-8, before the little blip that was 2009. As he said last year he was considered a fav and ended up losing so you never know- but he was injured last year and as he also said conditions were different you can't compare. It always amazes me how humble and human he is even though he has superhuman muscles, i mean talents he he he ;}  

Federer is not worried about the World Cup interfering with Tennis or Wimbledon, which I think is perfectly valid - that is what TiVO/ PVR or however you may refer to the device you use to tape tv while watching something else, is for.  Also I think they are scheduled at different times in the day. Federer is also confident he can win a second title, which is true to his style - cool and confident. I personally feel he needs to win against Nadal to really win the French Open in this era, because if Nadal makes it to the final and wins he will have never lost a final at the French and that's really saying something.  And it will remove any doubts that people have in Federer's win last year, which some attribute to him not having to play Nadal seeing he was trounced in the 2008 final - there was no contest, it was quite beautiful to watch.

A bit worried about Tsonga, most of his press conference was focused on pain. He had a back injury that had him pull out of Madrid and he had to fight through pain to get this win.  But I can't remember which sports player said this but they were like you are never 100%, you will always have a little niggle here and there so you need to know how to play through those to be a champion. And it seems he found a way to get to the next round, I hope he continues to progress, without pain prefereably...

I don't know what was going on with Venus's hair in her press conference but it is nice to see her relaxed and focused. At least she is not being distracted by the lack of focus on her game at the beginning of the tournament. I am glad Serena seems to have both her on and off-court game on because that is what I admire the Williams Sisters for - being able to be stylishly brilliant at tennis and life in general.  

Saturday is going to be a great day.  Serena followed by Nadal playing for a second day in a row due to the rain delay, as well as Henin going up against Sharapova! 

And the 6th game in the Western conference :)

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