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- Simon Kapwepwe, Zambian Independence Freedom Fighter

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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Inception: Even Better Than I Imagined!!

In case you have been living in a cave here is the trailer:

What you think you know, you really don't!!!! This trailer harks back to the old days when you were given enough to be excited, but the best bits hadn't already been revealed.  Unless you go around looking for movie reviews and spoilers now that the film has come out, PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR MIND BLOWN AND MESSED WITH!!!! Christopher Nolan has outdone himself once again.  Absolutely loved the Dark Knight, notably due to Nolan's brilliant direction of Heath Ledger.  But this is a definitely ensemble piece that coupled with awesome CGI, killer action scenes and plot with many layers, echoing the events in the movie as they unfold, culminates into a thoughtful, mind boggling, thrill ride of a movie.  This is how summer blockbusters are done man!!!!

Leonardo DiCaprio has done it again.  He never makes a wrong move.  He is a picky actor and he always picks right. He knows his strengths and he plays to them once again, playing flawed character with a lick of evil that really should get you to dislike him but somehow even though you know there is something fundamentally wrong with him, you still root for him. Reminiscent of his character in Blood Diamond actually. Ellen Page is coming into her own, although it annoys me how a strong female character always ends up being a little bit annoying. Why can't women be strong and loveable at the same time pray tell me?! This movie also made me fall in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whose mawkish character in 500 Days of Summer did nothing to warm me up to him again after his teenage acting days in 3rd Rock from the Sun and 10 Things I Hate About You.  Although his turn as the baddy in G.I. Joe was not bad even though the movie sucked.  Loved his dapper dressing and fighting skills in a world of altered physics in Inception.  He has won me over.

Only pet peeves were that it was clear that the scenes in Mombasa were not in Mombasa.  The place looked more like it could be Zanzibar, but in actual fact it was shot in Morocco. Go figure! At least the people were African for the most part and were actually speaking Swahili.  That, and LAX was not LAX.  This is why it is not good to travel and see the world, you can't be fooled by creative liberties taken.  Reminds me of the car chase scene in the second Matrix that was supposedly on the 101 towards SFO and they rebuilt it but changed stuff and it was quite clearly not the 101.  I should not notice such details but I do.

This movie completely lived up to my expectations and beyond!!! It has been a long time since that happened.  Yes I have watched movies that have satisfied my anticipation, but this movie took me to a place I have not been since the Matrix (not the sequels). This definitely my favourite for the summer!!! JUST AWESOME POSSUM!! The movies is long, running way over 2 hours but you do not notice, that is how involving it is visually and mentally. I don't think anything else is going to top this really.  The plot is so intricate and the Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels/ X-Men: The Last Stand ending still has me reeling as I will  never know the answer with certainty!!!! If you happen to figure it out please let me know, already have a coupla theories with the information we are presented with.

YOU HAVE TO GO SEE IT!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!!!! Forget your job, leave your kids, jilt your significant other, food is not important, postpone that shower, in fact take a hiatus from life all together: this your only mission in life.  SERIOUSLY!!!!

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