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Friday, 11 February 2011

Pharoah No More

FINALLY!!!! How much more violence, protesting and economic standstill could Mubarak have turned a blind eye to?! Then again he is an African leader and a typical one at that: an old school benevolent dictator that refuses to see that his children have grown up and don't need such heavy handed rearing because they can think for themselves. I am so glad that the Egyptians did not back down and fought to the end for what they believe in.  Even though the change came at more of a cost than it did for the Tunisians, at least they have been rewarded for their efforts. The Vice President announced today that President Mubarak was stepping down and relinquishing power to the armed forces, whom are still looked on favourably by the protesters it seems. Tahrir Square has lived up to its name - it has allowed the protesters to not be deterred by the "wall of fear" and provided a place for them to voice their demands these last two and half weeks and they have been rewarded with liberation from 30 years of autocratic rule.

Here is video of Hosni Mubarak's speech that he gave yesterday, refusing to step down and continuing to maintain that he loves Egypt, its people and is doing the best for the country because he selflessly cares about the demands the protesters have made and will endeavour to fulfill them:

It is quite clear that the Egyptians did not believe him and how quickly he changed his tune (well since yesterday anyways, not over the last few weeks obviously)! The protesters angered by his word, stormed Heliopolis, where the Palace housing the executive office of the President is located, and this was probably the final straw that irreparably broke the camel's back.

Here is a video of jubilant celebration after the news of Mubarak's demise:

If it is true that he has gone to Sharm El Sheik, I have no words! Has he just up and left all of a sudden and has decided to go on holiday?! Didn't he hear about the recent shark attacks in the area? ;} 

You can follow events live at the BBC and Al Jazeera.

Inshallah this is the beginning of a peaceful transition and the violence does not bleed into Egypt's next steps. And I hope that even though Mubarak may have outstayed his welcome, the Egyptians do let him fade into the background in a dignified manner as he has played a pivotal role in trying to keep the peace in the Middle East.

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