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Friday, 2 July 2010

Nadal and Serena

So the Men's Semi Finals are on tomorrow.  Was I surprised that Fed was Exed? Yes and No.  Not for the same reason as Venus's, but I am not too shocked that he bowed out.  He did so at the French.  He has not won a tournament since the Australian.  He says he has back and leg injuries that stopped him from playing his best.  If that is the case he should rest and get better.  It is a pity that he will drop out of the Top 2 for the first time since the dark ages. Once again we ask if he has the motivation to play through injuries and setbacks...Only time will tell.

Nadal has been under the radar, despite having won the French and being No. 1 in the world.  Being seeded 2 has not affected him. Early round 5 set matches were just what he needed I think.  I am glad he was able to beat Soderling.  He has finally gotten his number.  Nadal's interview afterwards shows that he is not really bothered by what he is going on about him - all the speculation and rediscovery of his talent.  I always find it funny how they keep talking about how aggressive he is on grass and how his game changes like it is something new.  He's done this for years and that is how he was able to win the French-Wimbledon double in 2008 and has appeared in the Wimbledon Final multiple times.  I wonder why people still underestimate him?!  Thank god he has a good head on his shoulders.  Great interview after the match.  I hope he wins and shuts up all the people who keep talking nonsense about him.

His match tomorrow is big, playing against Murray who now cannot escape the media by hiding behind the World Cup.  I don't think Murray is  mentally fit enough to handle the pressure personally if he cannot handle the expectation that comes with greatness.  Murray has had ample chances to move up to the next level of tennis and hasn't done so. I think it will be a great match but Nadal has more passion and motivation.  Nadal wants to defend the title he couldn't last year.
And he is less likely to buy into the hype too I think.

Congrats to Tsonga for making it to the Quarter Finals.  Hopefully he will take this success through to the US hard courts and position himself as a real threat.

Serena is through to the final and is to play the woman who ended Venus's run.  As it should be so she can avenge her sister. I am very into avenging at the moment...

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