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Monday, 17 January 2011

Africa In Flux: Tunisia

While I have focused the blog on the Sudanese in the last week, other African countries have also being going through major changes for quite a while.  Unfortunately, Tunisia has gone the violent route in order to free itself from the shackles in the form of a 23 year reign of President Ben Ali who stepped down and fled to Saudi Arabia on the 15th (while eerily that date also marked the last day of voting for Sudanese secession) amidst the rioting and protests led by youth - mainly students and the unemployed.  The Tunisian Prime Minister, Mohammed Ghannouchi has set up a unity government to steer Tunisia through the 2 months leading up to the presidential elections. You can read and watch a video about the intentions of the unity government here.

Hopefully Tunisia will be able to follow in Sudan's footsteps and find a peaceful solution through voting and this will be the last of the violence.  I am glad that the Prime Minister has indicated that they are looking to lead Tunisia to a democratic, peaceful and free path to elections and  to rebuilding the nation politically and socially.

Here is a series of videos giving a recap of the events that started in December 2010 and escalated in the last two weeks culminating the the uncertainty that Tunisia now faces.

I hope the security will be restored soon and that the Tunisians find their way to the future they desire inshallah.


  1. This is a big year for Africa! Of course in a way each year is, but the year has started with such notable events.
    Inshallah indeed!

  2. It is and there is so much to say that I am paralysed trying to figure out what next to cover. Hopefully next week will provide the clarity required to delve back in. A lot is going on particularly in West and North Africa.